Language services in Japanese, Vietnamese and German.

These are short descriptions of my services. The prices depend on the volume, difficulty, urgency and complexity of the task. For a general Japanese text I charge between 0.05 - 0.15€ per character. For Vietnamese texts I usually charge 0.04 - 0.12€ per syllable (Vietnamese syllyables of words are separated by spaces). If you need translation, simply send me a message and I will send you a quote.


Rendering written text from Japanese or Vietnamese into German. I translate general texts, but also academic, literal and technical ones. I exclusively translate into my mother tongue German.

Specialisations are Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Art history, Travel and Tourism, Literature and Buddhism. I also translate premodern Japanese (Bungo and Kanbun). Technical texts comprise chemistry, mineralogy, mining and metallurgy.

Proof reading

I proof read German texts for any errors in orthography, spelling, grammar and style. Proofreading usually does not comprise the assessment of accuracy of the translation.


Rendering of spoken Japanese and Vietnamese (audio) into written forms. In case of Japanese, transcription can also mean the rendering of Japanese script into phonematic or Western alphabet (Latin) form.


Checking and revising of translations to give finish its touches. This comprises checking the text in original as well as in translated form.


Content Writing

Sometimes, I write article, blog posts and website content if I am familiar with the topics, i.e. my specialisations. It must, therefore, fit. Just ask if you need something.


Any kinds of research done in my working languages. Be it online, in libraries or on-site, via the telephone or on foot.


Linguistic consulting

You wish or need to know something about German, Japanese and Vietnamese, the life, work and everyday stuff of those countries? I can help you ...


Maybe you need something I have not written here, because I forgot about it or have not thought? Just send me a message and I will come back to you as soon as pssible.