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Language services around Japanese, Vietnamese, and German

Welcome. I am honoured that you are interested in my work and services. Please find information to my offers below. And feel free to drop me a message or mail in case of any questions or enquiries!



Transfer of texts (written documents) from a source language into a target language by holding the the same content and mode of the original texts without changing the meaning of the final output text in comparison to its original.
Price: per word/ per character (depending of difficulty and urgency).


Transfer of a text in non-Latin script into Latin script and/or other modes, such as phonematic script etc.
Price: per word/ per character


Transfer of spoken (audiovisual) language into written language in different modes.
Price: per hour/ per word

Final check of a text with regard to spelling, grammar, and style of the target text only.
Price: per hour



Checking the final translation of a text in comparison to its original source text.
Price: per hour

Checking of accuracy, orthography, grammar, and style of a translated text, including the format, style, type setting etc.
Price: per hour


Editorial/Pre-publication checking

All-around checking and final editing of texts before their publication.
Price: upon request

Translating texts whole adjusting them also to the cultural background of the target readership.
Price: per hour


Conent/Copy writing

Creating content for webpages and blogs, writing short articles and essays for journals, webpages, books...
Price: per hour/ per word


Creating subtitles for visual materials.
Price: upon request


Information procurement - Research

Research, especially online, for data and information, in Japanese/Vietnamese search engines or on-site (recently, Vietnam).
Price: per hour

Linguistic counseling

All around Japanese, Vietnamese, and German and their linguistic problems and cultural contexts.
Price: upon request


Education/ Teaching

Teaching of Japanese, Vietnamese, and German courses. Introductory courses for those who wish/need to stay in Japan, Vietnam, and/or Germany. Whole courses, or presentations.
Price: upon request

Project management

Planning, controlling and delivering your projects, especially in the translation domain.
Price: per hour


Virutal assistant (VA)

Virtual Assistance, a kind of remote secretary. I am open to help you in creating data sheets, filling in data, translation, writing mails and letters, reply to your clients...
Price: per hour

Something else?

Have I forgotten anything? Do you need some services, that I have not mentioned here? Do not hesitate and write me a message! I am always open for challenges.

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